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Espírito Bird is a luxury Brand designed for the modern age.

We choose to be both a curator of Brands and a creator of products. Both a consumer and purveyor of modern luxury. Unlike most luxury Brands our ethos is the Spirit of Joy.

Playfulness, as a rule, doesn’t have a obvious association with Luxury. But upon closer inspection Espirito Bird may disrupt the industry by being mischievous and incessantly playful. We’re here to correct the balance, bring the spirit of joy to the modern luxury of Beauty, Fashion, Technology and the new age of the Metaverse.

many other Brands.

is aimed at an audience full of personality that seeks sophistication, that is not interested in the conventional, that does not follow a pattern. We want to always be ahead of the ordinary, offering genderless, innovative products that make life better and more beautiful. And freedom to connect with what really brings joy. Our philosophy is: Like it? Wear it!
We create our own brands and products for the global market. And have created our own unique NFT, Crypto, Exchange and Metaverse platform in preparation for the new creator economy in the Web3, blockchain world of the future.

The metaverse is a 3D version of the internet (preferably Web3) and computing at large. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are two of the technologies that are included in the metaverse experience. The metaverse is a digital economy where users can buy, sell and create goods. Moreover, the metaverse is ideally interoperable, meaning users can take virtual items like clothes or automobiles from one platform to another. The creator economy will explode in the Metaverse, but not under Big Tech’s regime due to Web3 decentralization (DAO’s).

The new demand for disruptive innovation models. With that, tokenization opened the door to the creation of a new economy like the NFTs and the Metaverse. Espirito Bird has been working to become an increasingly relevant part of the new innovation model. Espirito Bird already accepts Crypto and Bitcoin coins.

Few still dominate the whole scenario. Because the level of technical knowledge is very hardcore. We have all fronts at Espirito Bird Metabird, multichain marketplace, pix, bank, open finance, exchange, metaverse, gamification, NFTs, P2P, Web3, AR, AI and MR etc.

Metabird is a Superior, Simple, Sophisticated, Secure, System… 5S.

“Web3 is still a baby and needs to be nurtured and loved. It reminds me of the early days of 3D computer animation, when it was dismissed as relevant by the big studios who still believed in the chemistry of film and hand drawn frame by frame production line factory techniques. The current systems are medieval in comparison with the powerful few controlling everything… the saviour of humanity is blockchain technology, Web3, 6G, decentralisation and de-globalisation. We believe in technology combined with creativity and the advent of the creator economy“..

Ian Charles Bird.

Espirito Bird and Metabird ‘created with love and magic’.

Bird is the Founder and CEO of Espirito Bird + Metabird.

A British guy who fell in love with the joy and vitality of Brazilian culture and its people.

Ian is an award winning creative director who founded Bird Studios, one of the first 3D computer animation and SFX studios for TV & Film in Soho, London UK. Ian has worked with The Pet Shop Boys, Sting, George Michael, Iron Maiden, Mike Oldfield, Elton John, Placebo, Rolling Stones, Robert Post, Spice Girls, A-Ha, Soundgarden, Roger Avery, BBC, Channel 4, Sky, ITV, Saatchi & Saatchi, Mcanns, BBDO, LIMITLESS, DUBAI WORLD and many more.

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Espirito Bird
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