Molecule 01 30ml


For Men & Women


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Molecule 01 is the star fragrance in the Escentric Molecules collection from This Company and was designed by Berlin-based perfumer Geza Schoen as a provocative single scent perfume. Molecule 01 contains ONLY Iso E Super, which is often used with other perfumes, to add a velvety note. It leads to a wonderfully subtle, lingering fragrance which manages to stay natural and clean yet very sensual. It was voted as one of the top five sexiest perfumes in the world.

Molecule 01 is innovative, trendsetting and ground-breaking, those who wear it attract admirers wanting to get close to the wonderful and yet somehow elusive scent. It is unisex and remains a true ‘talking-point’ scent. It is also the perfect scent for ‘layering’.

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